is a bridge between
man and the world

Message from CEO

Back in 2010, we never thought there would be restaurants that are accessible from our mobile phones; just a few taps away, where food will arrive at our doorstep in no time. At the same time, Uber brought social impact by creating a new job category called an independent contractor and replaced our conventional taxi service with an app that boasts ‘everyone can be a driver too!’ tagline. Most of us never imagined such things, but an innovator out there did. And now these creations are making our lives effortless and secure.

Oryx Connect, collaborating with those innovators and critical thinkers that are in needs of sharing their ideas and implementing them in the real-world situation. Making people’s lives easier and bringing great impact on social development are our main moral boosters to build a big technology company.

We also believed by putting creativity and a ‘human touch’ in our technology implementation, will create a strong bond between the technology and the company, that can be easy to re-shape, re-model, and develop to compete in the near future. And, that’s what makes Oryx Connect different from other technology agencies.

Rizyan Angga - CEO / Co founder


Founded in May 2018 by a strategic partnership between partners from Qatar and Indonesia. We took oryx’s head shape as our logo and red and white as our primary colours to tell the world that in this digitalization era, we are building a bridge where languages and distances are no longer barriers that block us from connecting. So here we are, Oryx Connect.


In the era where technology is present in every aspect of our lives, Oryx Connect came with a set of creativity and advanced technology to collaborate with fast-changing world environment. We connect companies to advanced technology, to be ready to compete in this era.


As a technology development company, building applications, website, and logo that suit your business is our main focus, and we can also create a strategy to develop your brand. With our team that has more than ten years of experience in technology industries such as fin-tech, online logistics and transportations service, and also groceries delivery, we are embracing creativity above everything in every aspect of our work.


  • Digital Transformation Consulting Service
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Server Development
  • Marketplace Development
  • iOS and Android Development System
  • Loyalty Program Development
  • Online Marketplace Development
  • Online Groceries Delivery Development
  • Logo and Company Branding
  • Financial technology (fin-tech)


Saud Al-Attyah

Chairman / Co-founder
of Oryx Connect

Hamad Al Hajri

Founder / President
of Oryx Connect

Rizyan Angga

CEO / Co-founder
of Oryx Connect